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Solomon Konovalov

Thermacam Researcher Pro 2.10 Serial 22 [PORTABLE]

in our study, we followed the methodological principles recommended in the literature 5, 13 and 14 . we used published data 9 and 13 on the morphological and biochemical characteristics of the human skin 8 to define our thermal thresholds (see methods below). the rectal temperature was measured every 30 seconds during the entire procedure and this temperature was considered as the control temperature for the comparisons between the female and male groups. the temperature of the skin was measured at the rois on anatomical grounds. we calculated the decrease in temperature (ttherm-tcontrol), given by:

thermacam researcher pro 2.10 serial 22

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for the men, ttherm tcontrol was calculated as: (mean of 6 rois) - (mean of 6 rois of the first period) + (mean of 6 rois of the second period). for the women, ttherm tcontrol was calculated as: (mean of 7 rois) - (mean of 7 rois of the first period) + (mean of 7 rois of the second period). an analysis of variance (anova) on repeated measures was used to determine any differences in ttherm tcontrol among the groups. where appropriate, a fisher lsd post-hoc test was performed. the level of significance was set at p

we also did a sensitivity analysis to determine whether results were statistically significant (see the table ). in this test, we used a new group for which we obtained data on five rois. this time, each period lasted 5 minutes. as with the other groups, we estimated the temperature decrease ttherm tcontrol and the anova and fisher lsd post-hoc tests were performed. statistical significance was set at p


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