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We Buy Concert Tickets

1. WHO WE ARE AND THESE TERMS OF USE. Thank you for using CashorTrade! CashorTrade is a digital platform that connects sellers and buyers of event tickets and passes (Tickets) and event-related merchandise via its website (, its mobile application(s), and/or any current or future associated platforms (collectively, the Site)

we buy concert tickets


You are responsible for providing accurate, complete, and current information and disclosures about the Tickets you list, including the name of the event; event location; event date and time; section, row, and seat information; and seating-related disclosures, including, but not limited to, the following categories: limited or obstructed view; possible obstruction; wheelchair seating; wheelchair-only seating; wheelchair-accessible; alcohol-free section; behind stage (possible obstruction); side stage (possible obstruction); 21 and over only. Additionally, accurately highlight any features in your listing, such as aisle seating, parking or camping pass inclusion, etc. We may remove any listings, cancel any sales, or take other actions deemed necessary if listings are vague, confusing, inaccurate, or misleading. You are responsible for keeping all Ticket codes and barcodes hidden in your Ticket listing, and you will be solely liable if, due to your failure to hide any such codes, the Ticket does not scan for buyer at the event. Note that for Phish tickets, you must hide every code on Phish Tickets By Mail (PTBMs), including barcodes, order #s, and LivePhish codes.

You are responsible for accurately representing when you will transfer or ship the Ticket. You may list for sale Tickets that are not in your possession as of the listing date (not in hand) as long as you will have them on the transfer/ship date listed (the in-hand date). If your in-hand date changes after Ticket sale, CashorTrade reserves the right to charge you for any additional fees or expenses incurred, in addition to any other remedies it has under these Terms. You are responsible for selecting the correct Ticket delivery method for your Ticket type (electronic transfer (e-tickets), mobile/pdf, physical/hard tickets (such as tickets printed on card stock), or will-call pickup). Once your Ticket sells, you are prohibited from changing the listed delivery method. If you have physical tickets, you must upload a photo of each Ticket barcode to your message thread with the buyer after sale but prior to shipment.

C. Delivery Terms. You are responsible for ensuring timely delivery to the buyer of the Ticket via the delivery method described in your listing. CashorTrade reserves the right to charge you for any buyer refund and any additional fees or expenses incurred as a result of your failure to deliver the Ticket in a timely manner or otherwise in accordance with these Terms. You must transfer: (i) in-hand electronic/pdf Tickets immediately upon your acceptance of the buyers offer; (ii) not-in-hand electronic/pdf Tickets within 24 hours of the in-hand date identified in your listing. You must ship: (x) in-hand physical Tickets within 24 hours of accepting the buyers offer; (y) not in-hand physical Tickets within 24 hours of the in-hand date identified in your listing but in each case at least one full day prior to the event date. Delivery of physical tickets is completed when the carrier marks the package as delivered. For day of show Ticket sales, you must deliver the Ticket to the buyer within one hour of accepting the buyers offer unless the buyer requests a later delivery time. In each case you must provide acceptable evidence of timely delivery upon the buyers or CashorTrades request, which evidence consists of the following:

All users start with an ATCL of $0 until they add a valid credit card on file. If you have an ATCL of $0, all of your sales will be paid out 3 days after the event. The payout is automatically processed as long as there are no issues reported with the tickets.

Tickets to the most popular concerts and other live events are often hard to find because of abusive practices by vendors who illegally use computer programs called bots to grab them up, according to a report released by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

In some cases, tickets to live events sell out within minutes, only to appear right away at enormous markups on sites such as StubHub, according to the report, which calls for major reform to the ticketing process.

In one case, a single vendor was able to buy 1,012 tickets to a U2 concert at Madison Square Garden just one minute after they went on sale, even though the venue supposedly limited sales to four tickets per customer.

Vendors can acquire large numbers of tickets quickly by using multiple IP addresses and special software called ticket bots. Such software, which is illegal in New York state, can bypass the ticket-selling platforms' security measures, such as CAPTCHA.

One bot acquired 520 tickets to an August 2013 Beyonce concert at the Barclays Center in New York in just three minutes. Another bought 522 tickets to a June 2012 concert by One Direction at Jones Beach within just five minutes.

The report said acquiring tickets is made even more difficult because of the industry practice of setting aside large numbers of tickets to industry insiders and special promotional groups, such as credit card holders.

To address the problem, ticket-selling platforms such as StubHub and TicketsNow must ensure that vendors comply with the law, the report said. It also said the platforms should make it easier for vendors to disclose the face value of the tickets they sell.

"At the same time, paperless tickets appear to be one of the few measures to have any clear effect in reducing the excessive prices charged on the secondary markets and increasing the odds of fans buying tickets at face value."

"StubHub believes that a fair, secure and open ticket marketplace supports fans. Consumers should be protected from unfair and deceptive practices that make it harder for fans to buy and use event tickets in an open market. We are strongly committed to partnering with industry, public policy and other leaders to achieve this goal."

TicketSwap is safe. The tickets and sellers on our platform are verified based on several criteria. Through partnerships with organisations and ticket providers, we offer SecureSwap tickets which are 100% valid. Read more about SecureSwap here.

Ticket reselling has always gotten a bad rap. When people think of someone reselling concert tickets, they think of how sleazy, borderline-con-artist scalpers sell tickets. But it doesn't have to be that way. Reselling concert tickets can be done in a way that really does help people out.

This leaves a gap inside the marketplace. Venue owners and event managers sell tickets at below their true value to eliminate empty seats. Since the tickets are below their true value, this creates an opportunity.

This extra efficiency with your ticket resale info helps you to make more money while spending less time. If you get good enough at reselling tickets, you might could only work during your busiest times and take the rest of the time off.

The most popular place to buy tickets is Ticketmaster and the most popular place to sell tickets is StubHub. But you can also use places like Seat Geek and Vivid Seats (find out if Vivid Seats is legit).

He lost $25 on the first pair of tickets, then made only $50 on the next two. He had to learn from experience, just like you will. But he kept at it and one day became a self-employed ticket reseller.

You know how to get started buying tickets for resale and from whom to buy them. We covered how to be smart about your ticket buying decisions. And you also know where to sell your tickets and which ticket broker websites are the best.

The star entertainers perform after the last rodeo event is completed and the stage is set. Actual start times for the concert can vary day to day due to the varying number of rodeo competitors and other production elements.

Primary tickets, purchased directly from RODEOHOUSTON, and verified secondary market tickets are available for purchase on the same page at Once secondary market tickets are available to purchase, they will appear in the link as a different color than primary market tickets. Secondary market tickets may be available prior to the public on sale(s) via its own link, should a Rodeo season ticket holder decide to sell their tickets for a specific night, but those secondary market tickets will be taken off sale during the public onsale. The 2023 public onsale date will be announced at a later time. After the public onsale traffic has peaked, primary and secondary tickets will be available to purchase on the same page at, identified with different colors.

In your Rodeo Ticket Account, you can view all your RODEOHOUSTON tickets and all AXS purchases for any venue that uses AXS as their ticket provider. You can also use your Rodeo Ticket Account to transfer tickets to another party and sell tickets on the RODEOHOUSTON verified secondary market. If you sell tickets through your account, you can also use the account to initiate balance transfers from your ticket sales.

All tickets will be delivered electronically via AXS Mobile ID; please allow 48 hours for delivery. To access your purchased tickets, download the AXS mobile app and log in with the email used to purchase tickets.

MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express are accepted at each gate for admission, for tickets on the Midway and for many of our vendors and crafters. We recommend carrying a little cash just in case. ATMs are located throughout the festival grounds.

Yes. Admission to all concerts requires a gate admission. Admission tickets can be purchased ahead of time online or at participating Publix Super Market stores. They can also be purchased at the gate upon your arrival. 041b061a72


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