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SteamAPI RestartAppIfNecessary DLL Steam Api.dll

SteamAPI RestartAppIfNecessary DLL steam api.dll

If you are a game developer or a gamer who wants to use the Steamworks API, you may have encountered the file steam_api.dll and the function SteamAPI_RestartAppIfNecessary(). In this article, we will explain what they are and how they work.

What is steam_api.dll?

steam_api.dll is a dynamic link library (DLL) file that contains the implementation of the Steamworks API functions. The Steamworks API allows your game to access some of Steam's features and solutions, such as achievements, leaderboards, user authentication, finding game servers, and connecting with other Steam users. You can find more information about the Steamworks API in [Steamworks API Overview].


steam_api.dll is usually located in the install folder of the game that uses it. For example, if your game is called "Game Name", you may find steam_api.dll in C:\Program Files (x86)\Game Name\steam_api.dll or \\steam\\steamapps\\common\\Game Name\\steam_api.dll. You can also download steam_api.dll from various websites, such as [], but be careful to choose the correct version and architecture (32-bit or 64-bit) for your game.

What is SteamAPI_RestartAppIfNecessary()?

SteamAPI_RestartAppIfNecessary() is one of the functions defined in steam_api.dll. It checks if your executable was launched through Steam and relaunches it through Steam if it wasn't. This is optional but highly recommended as the Steam context associated with your application (including your App ID) will not be set up if the user launches the executable directly.

You can call SteamAPI_RestartAppIfNecessary() at the beginning of your main function, before calling SteamAPI_Init(). It takes an App ID as a parameter, which is a unique identifier for your game on Steam. You can find your App ID on your [Steamworks Partner Page]( If SteamAPI_RestartAppIfNecessary() returns true, it means that your game was not launched from Steam and it needs to be restarted. In that case, you should exit your program immediately. If it returns false, it means that your game was launched from Steam or that restarting is not necessary. In that case, you can proceed with calling SteamAPI_Init() and using the rest of the Steamworks API functions.

Example code

Here is an example of how to use SteamAPI_RestartAppIfNecessary() in C++:

#include "steam/steam_api.h" #define MY_APP_ID 123456 // Replace this with your actual App ID int main(int argc, char* argv[]) // Check if the game needs to be restarted through Steam if (SteamAPI_RestartAppIfNecessary(MY_APP_ID)) // Exit the program return 0; // Initialize the Steamworks API if (!SteamAPI_Init()) // Handle error return 1; // Use other Steamworks API functions as needed // ... // Shutdown the Steamworks API SteamAPI_Shutdown(); return 0;


In this article, we have learned what steam_api.dll and SteamAPI_RestartAppIfNecessary() are and how to use them in your game. By using these tools, you can ensure that your game integrates well with Steam and its features. For more information about the Steamworks API, you can refer to the [Steamworks API Reference](


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