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Freedom Planet - Official Soundtrack Download Windows 8

In November 2015, GalaxyTrail joined forces with the subscription box company IndieBox distribute an exclusive physical release of Freedom Planet. This limited collector's edition box included a flash-drive with a DRM-free game file, the official two-disc soundtrack, an instruction manual and Steam key, along with various custom-designed collectibles.[34][35] Steam and Wii U versions of Freedom Planet combined have sold over 250,000 times as of June 2016.[36]

Freedom Planet - Official Soundtrack download windows 8

Download Zip:

In the demos there existed a power-up which would grant infinitely rechargeable energy for a few seconds. It was usually seen within Dragon Valley act 1 in area 2 where a pushable block is needed to activate a switch. This tune would play when the power-up crystal is shattered and obtained. This power-up along with its associated track were ultimately cut from the final release. This song as well as an orchestral variant were both part of the game's official soundtrack.

Get pumped with the official soundtrack of GalaxyTrail's Freedom Planet! Conceptualized by Strife and digitally mixed and mastered by Woofle, this collection features every song in the game at 320kbps CD quality. A large number of bonus tracks have been included with the help of VGMusic's BlueWarrior and Lilac's voice actress Dawn Michelle Bennett. Over 70 tracks and 3 hours of epic non-chiptune bliss await you!


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