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Satisfy your astronomical wishes and get started with the delights of the super-three-dimensional universe


Perhaps because it does not tolerate the burden of history, JACOB & Co. 's luxury replica watches ideas can generally break away from the traditional structure and present unconstrained thoughts. Human beings are often deeply enticed by the stars when appreciating the night sky. JACOB & Co. was deeply prompted and took inspiration from your ancient astronomical clock to manufacture a miniature universe on the call. The mystery and destination of astronomy are resembled in this Astronomia Above the Sky.

In a apparent blue night sky, hand-inlaid and engraved constellation representations show the pattern of actors. Through the oval sky present ring, we can watch the celebrities above the northern hemisphere. The particular display makes one comprehensive rotation in one sidereal calendar year - the time it takes for any Earth to rotate the moment on its axis: 24. 5640916 hours.

The day and night screen on the central axis from the dial uses a hand-carved displayed titanium earth to swivel, with a semicircular sapphire shape symbolizing day and night. Four dish and directv arms extending from the planet's central axis in some directions present different characteristics. They rotate around the face every 20 minutes. high quality replica watches

In addition to the abs of the hour and tiny dials, other displays can also be equipped with rotational dynamics: for example the three-axis gravity tourbillon, the inside and outer frames spin at 60 seconds and a few minutes respectively, and the running watch dial rotates every 20 short minutes. circle; the second arm is a hour and minute show disc. Thanks to the differential gear system used in the particular movement, the position of the time exhibit disc is fixed and also rotates around the dial in addition; the third arm is the orbiting second hand shaped like a dish., it rotates once with 60 seconds and displays typically the seconds with " 15, 30, 45, 60" represents; and the end of the latest arm is decorated together with the brand's patented " John Cut" red moon. That spherical orange sapphire is definitely engraved with 288 Faceted and finely crafted, furthermore, it runs at a rate of 1 minute per cycle. replica watches for sale

The three-dimensional miniscule building on the disk, It is a precise mechanical design and the secret of huge movements.

Typically the 47mm diameter and 25mm thickness accommodate the mobility of the universe. Through the blue glass mirror on the side in the watch, we can more certainly see the mechanical structure along with operational beauty. At the same time, we can easily also see the month present hidden on the edge on the celestial dial. Compared with often the astronomical mechanism on the disc, it is also very interesting.

Although the astronomical wonders with the Astronomia Sky replica luxury watches are eye-catching, it is without doubt difficult to control the modification with the traditional crown surgery. For this reason, JACOB & Co. created a simple and ingenious alternative, abandoning the common crown style and design and using two pull engagement rings and two wheels wear the back of the watch to get the time, day and night, winding, in addition to sidereal time., as well as the oval sky display, along with the adjustment positions of various performs are symbolized by similar patterns on the back of this timepiece, which is naturally convenient.

The pull case on the back of the watch put in at home to operate. The brand specially placed a recessed position for the edge so that users can readily lift the tab. Often the pull ring on the suitable can be turned clockwise to regulate the hours and a few minutes, and counterclockwise to adjust a single day and night.


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