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Yemelyan Rybakov
Yemelyan Rybakov

Railworks 4 DT Class 4MT Pack Mod

This route has taken over 6 years to build, with many setbacks and problems. There are many, many custom buildings, bridges, vehicles etc, that give high recognition. It is a small team as noted already, they have done a lot, new vegetation would probably mean another year or two before release, although they have updated the route with the VP grass pack alongside the track. I very much doubt that sales will cover the cost of producing this route and the rolling stock provided. If the rolling stock was sold alone it would be at least double the price of the route. Yes it would be nice if more modern vegetation was available, but the old ones have been used in a much better way than on many modern routes. All in all I think to complain about the cost is the territory of Scrooge or the Grinch, you will have all the trains needed to run realistic services on the route from the start with expert style steam loco's, how many other routes provide this? But as they say nobody forces you to buy it.

Railworks 4 DT Class 4MT Pack Mod

...das sieht man ihr halt leider auch an. Passt eigentlich nicht mehr in die heutige Zeit. Ich habe eine gute Meinung von SSS und einige ihrer Soundpacks, die sehr gut sind. Aber die Bilder der neuen Route animieren mich nicht zum Kauf.


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