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Solomon Konovalov
Solomon Konovalov

Native Instruments Strummed Acoustic Crackl 'LINK'

Applied Acoustics Strum GS-2 comes loaded with more than 200 guitars of all types and for all styles. Some of the instruments included are nylon and steel-string acoustics, electrics with single-coil and humbucking pickups, and more.

Native Instruments Strummed Acoustic Crackl

Given that acoustic amplifiers are designed to precisely reproduce the natural sound of an acoustic guitar with no distortion, the amplifier selection in AmpliTube Acoustic features a robust built-in effects section with common effects for acoustic instruments.

If you want to instantly create an acoustic strummed background for any track, AMBER is perhaps the best way to get there! Simply control the chord progression in your right keyboard hand while switching between different phrases in your left hand to seamlessly construct a rhythm barely distinguishable from a live musician. Everything is centered around helping you create the perfect acoustic backing as quickly as possible.

Acoustic Legends HD features multiple acoustic guitar types, including nylon string, steel string, 12-string, acoustic bass, mandolin, banjo, and ukulele. And Vir2 Instruments sampled instruments created by the likes of Martin, Gibson, Taylor, McPherson, and others for this creation.

Altogether, you get 19 GB of 24-bit / 96 kHz acoustic guitar samples, various articulations, six; and 12-string guitars, 12 chord types, two nylon instruments, seven steel string instruments, two 12-string guitars, and variation patches (delay, phaser, flanger, chorus, compressor, and other unconventional effects).


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