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The Night Sitter UPD

A scheming con artist poses as the innocent babysitter "Amber" to steal from a wealthy occult enthusiast with a reclusive son, Kevin. Her crew arrives to clean out the house just as Kevin stumbles upon a prized artifact and unwittingly summons a trio of witches known as The Three Mothers.

The Night Sitter

A con artist babysitter weasels her way into a mansion in an attempted robbery but ends up awakening ancient evil children eating witches. I might be overselling this lol. But it honestly reminded me of a ghost hunters/stranger things love child with 80s slasher thrown in. Synthe score, smartass kids, nerdy horny teens, paranormal hunters, sweet giant house. Check.

It's kind of fun, though it does rely on the murder a kid to up the steaks I kind of hate. A babysitter who is actually going to rob the place get's her idiot crew in, as the kids she is watching open a door to an occult lab.

Style, style, and more style. Argento, Hooper, Dante, Carpenter, Raimi and many more; from the minds of Abiel Bruhn and John Rocco comes another bewitchingly wicked tale of neon madness that's the epitome of "look at all these colors they're so rad" plus babysitter fetish, prepare for the most intensely lit and overwhelmingly colored horror film you'll ever see in the history of all candy colored horror films... bath in the liars' blood and hide in the skirts of shadowy witches for when The Night comes and the Sitter arrives, all hell will break loose!

A eclectic group of ppl end up stuck in a house on Christmas eve battling three evil witches as well as eachother. A few well executed practical effects kills complete with spurting blood. Argento inspired lighting swallows the scenery giving it a nice neon glow. A game cast of mostly unknowns ham it up without ever being over the top. The "knowledgeable nerd next door" character and the "babysitter by night/heroine by midnight" character were my faves. The annoying paranormal investigator dad guy was entertaining in a schmucky kinda way. The witches were not your usual sharp teeth, pointy nosed witches. Instead they wore black hooded robes and creepy masks. The darkness of their attire made them look even more menacing when contrasted against the Argento inspired aesthetic of the home. Nothing new but it's a enjoyable time waster.

Losing your mum when you're just a kid is bad enough. Having to deal with your dad then starting to date again is uncomfortable. Being told that you has to be looked after by a babysitter at the age of 13 is truly miserable. Kevin (Jack Champion) doesn't even seem to have the advantage of finding babysitter Amber (Elyse Dufour) attractive, though many viewers will doubtless do so and his father's date's son Ronnie (Bailey Campbell), who is staying at his house overnight, certainly does. Ronnie is s the kind of smug, overconfident kid who goes looking for trouble as soon as he gets the chance - and there are plenty of chances here. Kevin has seen trouble enough - all he wants is to survive.

For Kevin, the trouble comes in dreams. Every night, when he closes his eyes, he sees witches who want to kill him. Maybe it's because of his father's obsession with hosting a cheesy ghost hunting programme. Maybe it's something else. Just what is it that his father keeps locked away behind the study door? Sick of visits to a psychiatrist which are getting him nowhere, he just wants somebody to listen and take him seriously. Could it be worth trying Amber, even if she is a babysitter - and even if she is planning to rob the house?

by Walter Chaw From the first synth chords of Rob Himebaugh's awesome '80s-inspired score; from the first glimpse of DP Scotty G. Field's gorgeous, neon-soaked lighting schemes; from the first look at world-weary heroine Amber (Elyse Dufour), herself a feat of lighting and colour coordination, The Night Sitter announces itself to be a major player. Filmmakers Abiel Bruhn and John Rocco's feature debut, it covers one really bad night in the life of poor, terrified Kevin (Jack Champion). His dad (Joe Walz) a wannabe reality-show host of one of those paranormal shows, hires Amber to sit for him and his girlfriend's (Deanna Meske) horrible kid, Ronnie (Bailey Campbell), leaving them alone with a locked door, behind which are all the demonic artifacts dad's been hoarding throughout his misspent career. That he's a loser is never a question (he times his reel to "accidentally" play for the benefit of pretty Amber), but he's a rich loser--meaning that as soon as dad is gone on his date, Amber calls her friends (Jermaine Rivers, Amber Neukum, J. Benedict Larmore) to come help her loot the place. Unfortunately, Ronnie has found where dad keeps the key to the demon room.

A bogus babysitter's plan to fleece a wealthy widower at Christmas hits a supernatural snag in this gleefully ghoulish horror. Walking Dead alumnus Elyse DuFour plays scheming minx Amber, whose curiosity about the valuable contents of a locked office unwittingly releases a terrible triumvirate of child-killing witches - known in legend as the Three Mothers - who then pursue Amber, her two young charges and other motley visitors all over a mazy mansion. A survival-of-the-fittest situation ensues, bathed in garish lighting straight out of a 1980s Italian fright film. There's also some joyously wry humour to go with all the blood-letting (human sacrifice, gouging, scalping, evisceration), while Amber Neukam really sinks her teeth into the role of a persistently vicious vamp.

One thief. Two kids. Three witches. No mercy. A scheming con artist Amber (Elyse DuFour, 'The Walking Dead') poses as an innocent babysitter to steal from a wealthy occult enthusiast with a reclusive son named Kevin.

As the playful, sadistic witches start picking people off, Amber and Kevin form an unlikely bond to try to survive the night together. A horror comedy from the executive producer of FINAL DESTINATION.

Amber (Elyse Dufour) is the hot babysitter who plans on robbing her client Ted Hooper (Joe Walz) paranormal investigator without a TV show. The valuable stuff is locked up in his study. She only has to lift her top once for the boys. The two boys find their way into the study and a paper cut summons the Three Mothers who are witches who bleed children to death. Three people show up to help Amber carry out items and the neighbor also comes over but they get distracted by a witch hunt.The film isn't anything special, but if you like the genre you should get some enjoyment from it.Guide: F-word, sex, nudity (Alyx Libby )

THE NIGHT SITTER is another juvenile B-movie horror flick deilberately made to resemble '80s fare like NIGHT OF THE DMEONS. Sadly it doesn't have much to say for itself and after a long set-up it turns out to offer generic thrills in the form of gory nonsense and cheesy dialogue. The story follows a bland babysitter who ends up in a house at night with three summoned witches, with lots of extraneous characters wandering around ready to get bumped off messily. It's tired and routine, and didn't interest me for a moment thanks to the bargain basement feel.

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At the trial of a criminal case, evidence that the defendant surreptitiously entered a child's bedroom at night by breaking through a closed and screened window, that, when discovered, he was naked in bed with the child, who was also naked, and that he had introduced his fingers into her vagina, was sufficient to support a finding that he was guilty of breaking and entering a dwelling at nighttime with intent to commit rape. [568-569]

TAURO, C.J. The defendant Alan Tropeano, having been found guilty in the Superior Court of drunkenness, indecent assault and battery on a child under fourteen years, and breaking and entering a dwelling house in the nighttime with intent to commit rape, appeals pursuant to G. L. c. 278, Sections 33A-33G, urging two grounds for reversal. First he contends that he was denied due process of law as a result of the trial judge's refusal to inform him of the nature and content of an in-court, private conversation between the judge and a prospective juror who had requested to speak with the judge after inquiry had been made whether any juror had a personal interest in the case. The judge ruled that the juror stood indifferent, but refused to inform the defendant of the basis of the juror's concern, or the reasons for his ruling. The defendant then exercised one of his peremptory challenges and the juror was excused. The second argument goes to the sufficiency of the evidence upon which the defendant was found guilty of breaking and entering a dwelling at nighttime with intent to commit rape.

We turn now to the sufficiency of the evidence upon which the defendant was found guilty of breaking and entering a dwelling house in the nighttime with the intent to commit rape. The pertinent evidence is summarized. The victim, an eight year old girl (at the date of trial), and her two young brothers were in the care of a baby sitter during the evening of the alleged attempted rape. The baby sitter testified that within an hour following the mother's departure for the evening, the defendant and a friend came to the apartment requesting permission to consume the cans of beer they had with them. The baby sitter, who knew the defendant and was aware that he was acquainted with the mother and her children, allowed them to come in. Moments later, the baby sitter discovered the defendant in the little girl's bedroom, sitting on the edge of her bed, talking to her. The baby sitter promptly told the defendant to leave. 041b061a72


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