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L Auberge Rouge Dvdrip French Torrent

driving past the church, visitors will see the churchyard wall is also lined with old monuments - the chapel is one of the most fascinating churches in the village. the church is one of the largest and most interesting in the region with an interesting history. construction began in 1040 and continued for three centuries. the main facade is of relatively plain romanesque style with a large tower built of alternate layers of red and white stones. on the interior, the nave is divided into three equal bays by two rows of columns. the nave features two aisles and a choir, separated from the nave by a second row of columns. the building was likely to have been the church of a 12th century carthusian monastery, which was destroyed during the french revolution.

L Auberge Rouge Dvdrip French Torrent


the collonges-la-rouge museum opened in 2011 thanks to the patronage of michel butor. the museum exhibits artists books, old photos, documents, books and even the original poème-exercise that he wrote.

collonges-la-rouge museum hosts a continuing education programme for children and adults. here, they can have access to all the museum's collections, books, exhibitions, educational activities and dedicated spaces.

the remarkable st. peter's church boasts a splendid limestone typanum that contrasts with its walls of red sandstone as well as an imposing gabled romanesque steeple. dating back to the 11th century and developed up until the 15th, this church is notable for its two naves where both protestants and catholics would conduct services simultaneously. just along from the church is the chapelle des pnitents. the chapel is no longer in use but instead houses an excellent exhibition. thanks to both the church and the chapel, collonges-la-rouge has and continues to be an important stop for thousands of pilgrims on their way to santiago de compostela.


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