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[S1E3] Chainsaw

Power and Denji reach the outskirts of the city and Power points to a house, stating the devil who took Meowy is inside. While heading towards the house, Denji hopes he doesn't need to turn into chainsaws, but Power thinks he is joking. As they get close, Denji recalls that the devil will use the cat as a shield and wonders if Power should be this close, since he can see her. Power recalls she did say that, but states she misspoke. In that moment they stop. In an instant she creates a blood hammer, Denji tries to hit her with his axe, but she hits him first and knocks him out. She then notes that for an idiot, his instincts are sharp.

[S1E3] Chainsaw


Power leads Denji to an abandoned house where the devil is holding Meowy. He has an axe with him in hopes that he will not have to use his chainsaws. Having yet to see Denji in his devil form, Power thinks he is joking about his abilities.

Despite fighting in the streets, Denji saves several civilians by encouraging them to run to safety. The Bat Devil exploits this weakness by throwing a passenger-filled car toward him. In a move that surprises even himself, Denji realizes he is able to retract his chainsaws at will.

"Chainsaw" is the third episode of the horror black comedy series Scream Queens. It premiered on September 29, 2015, on Fox. The episode was both directed and written by Ian Brennan. In this episode, the Red Devil continues the terror on campus using a chainsaw. Chanel (Emma Roberts) finds a new project in Hester (Lea Michele), and Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) appoints a new Wallace University mascot while trying to separate Gigi (Nasim Pedrad) and Wes (Oliver Hudson)'s budding relationship as Chad (Glen Powell) and Earl Grey (Lucien Laviscount) lead their fraternity on a witch hunt for the Red Devil.

At a candle-light vigil held for Boone, Dean Cathy Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis), reads a statement announcing that Tiffany's death was an accident and that Boone's death was a suicide, angering the Kappa's and the Dickie Dollar Scholars. Because the supposed killer is dressed as the schools mascot, the Dean introduces a new university mascot, Coney. Coney has his 15 minutes of fame before being decapitated by the Red Devil, in his dorm room, using a chainsaw. Out of frustration by the murders and Chanel's apathetic attitude, Chanel #5 (Abigail Breslin), decides not to help her find Chanel's #2's missing body from the freezer, and instead she says she is having fun threesomes with twin members of the Dickie Dollar Scholars Roger (Aaron Rhodes) and Dodger (Austin Rhodes). Chanel, realizing she can make the outcast pledge popular after seeing Hester (Lea Michele) sneaking around her closet, decides to give her a makeover, taking her neckbrace off, and making Hester her new minion, Chanel #6. Chanel #5 is outraged by this as she's mad that Chanel made a pledge a Chanel. Meanwhile, Chanel #3 (Billie Lourd) befriends the "Predatory Lesbian" Sam (Jeanna Han), and tells her a secret; that she is the biological daughter of Charles Manson and that her step-father is a billionaire. The two promise to alibi each other if anyone else is killed.

Grace later learns that her father, Wes (Oliver Hudson), is her film analysis teacher, and they argue, resulting in Grace leaving. He plays The Texas Chain Saw Massacre during class and Gigi (Nasim Pedrad) enters. Dean Munsch sees them together and when she and Gigi play tennis, she tells Gigi to back off from Wes. Next, Cathy and Gigi move to the Kappa house for a week, much to Chanel's anger. Meanwhile, Chad and Earl Grey (Lucien Laviscount) encourage The Dickie Dollar Scholars fraternity to organize a witch hunt, to avenge Boone (Nick Jonas)'s "death", as the police aren't doing anything. The frat brothers start their witch hunt by getting baseball bats and they start smashing a red car in the middle of the street and the Red Devil appears with a chainsaw on one side and another person in a Red Devil costume appears on the other. The frat brothers fight the Devils which results in Chad being knocked out and Caulfield losing both arms.

Grace visits Pete (Diego Boneta) and apologizes for ignoring his messages since she assumed that he is the Red Devil and both tell each other new clues they found, including a girl who was 2 credits away from graduating 20 years ago and think she's Sophia (McKaley Miller), and one of the other girls on the list, whose name is the only one still currently in the system. Denise starts to obsessively suspect that Zayday is the killer due to the evidence that she owns a chainsaw. Denise ends up letting her go since Zayday explains that the chainsaw is protection from her grandma. Wes, Cathy, and Gigi are having a salad together when Zayday comes across them. Wes asks her where Grace is, and she doesn't know. Wes calls Grace, who lies to him by saying she's at the library when actually, she is at a gas station with Pete.

When Cathy and Gigi are about to sleep, Cathy turns a noise machine on with different sounds on a high volume, bothering Gigi. Gigi ends up sleeping on the couch downstairs, the Red Devil appears and chases Gigi with the chainsaw. Wes, who was asleep in his car hears her screaming and runs to help her and in the process, he gets his arm cut with the chainsaw. Gigi then flips one of the couches and knocks the Red Devil over. Gigi tells the girls to call 911. Wes and Gigi then look over the flipped couch to only see the chainsaw running with no Red Devil. Cathy then runs down the stairs and asks what's going on, Wes grabs the chainsaw and tells her not to take another step until the police arrive and accuses her of being the killer.

If it wasn't clear already, this episode reaffirms Denji, and by extension "Chainsaw Man," is essentially what would happen if Morty from "Rick and Morty" got out of his grandpa's yoke and gained the powers of a chainsaw devil. That has its ups and downs, of course, and it is very possible the humor will get very old very quickly, but so far it works wonderfully. Denji is just the dumbest anime protagonist, but without the childhood innocence of someone like Gon or Luffy, and with the insatiable horny drive of Morty Smith. The reason it works is because of the tone of the story and the world of the show call for a dumb and horny protagonist.

When Red Devil finally decides to present themself, we are greeted by not one, but two masked figures. The Red Devils are awesome with chainsaws and take the pack of white boys out pretty quick. (Though one valiant dude went to save Chad and got his arms cut off.)

My heart leapt the moment I realized that you could use the chainsaw to clear brush. I originally though that trees and natural features were going to be permanent fixtures. Looking back my concerns were pretty silly, but regardless I was thrilled to have the opportunity to clean up the area around my base. 041b061a72


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